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The official Street League Skateboarding mobile game.
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December 1, 2021
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True Skate is True Axis’ most popular skating game for Android. This allows you to skate with your fingertips, similar to a toy skateboard. There are numerous levels to try, skateboards to unlock, and tricks to master. The better your tricks, the faster you’ll advance through the game. You’ll need to put in a lot of practice time if you want to be the best and compete with people all over the world.

True Skate Apk Mod 1.5.45 All Unlocked Best Apk 2021

True Skate, dubbed the “most authentic skating game ever,” features a plethora of mechanics that attempt to accurately recreate the magic of skating in a mobile game. Although the game is quite old – it was released nearly 7 years ago – it is still a lot of fun. Touch-based physics, realistic deck wear (if you mess up, you’ll scratch up your deck), and a massive skatepark that allows you to express yourself freely and roam around freely.

Best Features of True Skate

Despite the game’s age, True Skate has a lot to offer. It’s a relaxing way to pass the time, and you’ll notice a difference in your skill level as you practice. As you progress, new skateparks and decks will become available for you to try out. Some are obtained through in-app purchases, but you can also obtain a sizable portion simply by playing the game. That’s how mobile games should be, and True Skate nails it. Download True Skate today if you want to try and master all of the skills or if you just want a relaxing mobile game.

True Skate Apk Mod 1.5.45 All Unlocked Best Apk 2021

Touch-Based Skate Mechanics

True Skate’s effective touch-based controls are one of its best features. It’s a delicate process – the touch of a finger guides the skateboard around the skatepark, allowing you to perform some pretty cool tricks. Moving in one direction or the other has an effect on the deck, and you’ll quickly learn how to play the game. There is a tutorial at the beginning, and then it is up to you to explore all of the parks!

True Skate Apk Mod 1.5.45 All Unlocked Best Apk 2021

Realistic Deck Wear

If you’ve ever tried skateboarding, you’ll understand how quickly the deck wears out. Over time, the everyday use, bumps, knocks, and knockouts all add up to a pretty damaged board. True Skate’s skateboard, like in real life, suffers from realistic wear and tear. This keeps the player informed of when repairs or even an upgrade to a new deck are required. That is entirely up to you!

Free Roam On Multiple Skate Parks

True Skate captures a large part of the skating culture by focusing on where you skate. This game allows you to explore a variety of skateparks, each with its own unique layout and places to practice your tricks – half-pipes, bowls, and much more. The first skatepark is quite large, but you may quickly grow tired of it. Fortunately, you can get more as you play, either by completing missions or by making an in-app purchase.

True Skate Apk Mod 1.5.45 All Unlocked Best Apk 2021

Even after many years, the game still has a large player base. There has been no need for an upgrade because this game checks all the boxes, but a graphical update would be nice at some point. While the first map is small, purchasing new maps isn’t prohibitively expensive, and these unlock a lot more potential fun! Take care, because this game is addictive, and you might miss a few bus stops while you’re engrossed in the captivating skating gameplay.

What's new

- Fixed issues replaying the Thanksgiving event if played last year.
- Animation improvements.
- Fixed crash cam.




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