Prey Day: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Apk + OBB Files (Freeze Enemy, God Mode & Immortality)


In 2033, the world saw the outbreak of an unknown infection that left most of the human population dead.
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September 27, 2021
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In Prey Day: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse game 2033, the globe saw an epidemic of an unknown virus that killed the majority of the human population.

Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombie 14.5.15 Apk

Prey Day: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse 14.5.15 Apk + OBB Files (Freeze Enemy, God Mode & Immortality)

Prey Day is an online, multiplayer, top-down shooter survival game set in a massive metropolis after a zombie apocalypse. An mysterious illness wiped off a huge portion of the population, leaving only a few survivors on the planet. Under the impact of the virus, the majority of the residents have turned into zombies or mutated. Survivors construct settlements to repel zombie hordes and travel outdoors to uncover the source of the illness that has left the globe in a state of survival.

You are one of the few survivors whose fate is inextricably linked to these events. You’ll have to struggle with hunger and thirst, seek for other survivors’ camps, and spend your gloomy days constructing your own shelter out of accumulated items after the apocalypse. By completing missions, you can learn more about the causes of the illness that sparked the apocalypse. Explore the City’s darkest regions to create one-of-a-kind armor and weaponry. Create vehicles that will allow you to enter secret locations.

Confront other survivors who are hungry for the treasure you have. Join forces with others in Harbortown’s streets to combat zombies and other survivors who are hidden and looking for easy victims. Gather your pals and travel into the city’s most hazardous areas.

Prey Day’s universe is an open world shooting game set in a huge city devastated by an outbreak of illness. You’re left to fend for yourself among other humans – the actual gamers. You can talk to every person you encounter, join them in a group, or battle them for their treasure. In open world games, there are no rules!


Join powerful clans to get access to clan sites where you may uncover unique goods and unlock new craft that will aid you in your battle against the undead. You and your clan may take over abandoned military bunkers, set up a clan base, and begin actual military combat on the streets.

CRAFT You can make new weapons and equipment out of materials you find along the way. Crafting abilities allow you to create your own shelter and secure it with traps, allowing you to protect your life from other players.


What triggered the apocalypse? You’ll accomplish tasks and explore Harbortown in this zombie game. Prey Day, like the finest zombie games, has complex, enigmatic stories. Plunge into a series of adventures, blasting your way past hordes of the walking dead while descending into the city underground, traveling to the mountains and national parks on the outskirts of the city, and wandering into the wasteland.

Prey Day is one of the most hazardous zombie survival games, with players with varying survival aims and techniques – flee, shoot, defend, team up, target, and battle actual players struggling for survival just like you. Shooting games put your talent, quickness, and response time to the test, and while you’re battling for survival, you’ll do anything not to perish. You may interact and join with friends, as well as oppose and kill competitors, thanks to co-op and PVP components – the greatest traditions of MMO and online multiplayer games!

What's new

– You can now get back your items after death in low-threat locations (Lost house, Blockpost, Junkyard)
– Added easier navigation and custom names to the chests at home base
– Item stacks can now be divided into arbitrary parts
– Progress bar in crafting was made more user-friendly
– Information about items in the mailbox can now be viewed by a long tap
– Quest rewards now go to the mailbox when inventory is full
– Fixed errors with item deletion, glitches with interfaces and invisible objects



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