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Let's Survive is the best new offline survival game, full of ash, fear, zombies, mutants, and thugs. A world of shooter, survival, building, crafting, and action in which only the strongest and the fittest person survives.
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October 27, 2021
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Let’s Survive is the best new offline survive apk game, complete with ash, fear, zombies, mutants, and thugs. A shooter, survival, building, crafting, and action world where only the strongest and fittest people survive.

Survive Apk Mod 0.10.2

Let’s Survive Apk Mod 0.10.2 [Free Craft , Free Shopping] Top Android App

When you appear to be the only person left during a zombie invasionIn , your main rule is simply to survive. Look for resources and items, and then make various weapons. Strengthen your defenses and repel zombie and boss attacks. Keep track of your health, thirst, hunger, and disease status. Completing quests and joining survival fractions are required.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ RPG Survival Game Features ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

~~~ Live at all costs ~~~
Surviving a tragedy is not an easy task. An RPG survival game simulator is a constant search for and collection of items and resources, as well as constant monitoring of the character’s life indicators (hunger, thirst, health, radiation levels). Don’t let your character go hungry and sick for an extended period of time! Furthermore, post-apocalyptic survival includes the risk of being bitten by zombies while searching, so bring your weapons and a pet that is looking for useful items with you or you will perish in the teeth of hellish bloodthirsty creatures. bloodthirsty creatures.

~~~ Crafting and base building ~~~
Every survivor in the dawn of the zombie apocalypse must have his own base with strong walls, craft ranged and melee weapons and armor to save from enemies, and search for various survival items. Make a safe zone to keep you safe during the night, cook your food on fire, build shelters, barricades, and fortifications, and make as many weapons as you can.

~~~ Complete adventure quests and go through the storyline ~~~
While playing the zombie apocalypse survival games, you will be able to progress through the storyline and complete quests that will provide you with additional resources. For example, you may be required to wait for a day in a specific location (conditionally point Z, A, R, etc).

~~~ Chat with other survivors ~~~

What good is a survivor game if there are no fractions? Our new zombie simulator includes a league system in which you can participate and earn bonuses. Loneliness, be gone! Try to survive as a group.

Defeat the bosses
The presence of powerful bosses complicates survival even more. Destroy them if you want to receive rare and valuable loot. Keep an eye out, stalker! Zombies are on the prowl! Prepare for adventure and pain in Let’s Survive.

~~~ Stealth mode ~~~

Play quietly in search of unkilled zombies with improved hearing and sight who are always ready to kill you. Alternatively, act decisively by breaking through the zombie uprising and ridding the land of dreadful creatures. Stay alive in the nightmare by following the survival rules.

Vehicles must be driven.
In our free survival game, you can get cars, boats, and other vehicles to help you get from place to place faster. Move faster and crush zombies in the city or forest!

~~~ Daily reward ~~~
Every day, break through the zombie uprising in the middle of the wasteland in our survival simulator to earn useful daily rewards. They will provide you with improved zombie defense as well as resources for base construction.


~~~ Multiplayer is available (play with friends) ~~~

~~~ Full-fledged building New bosses are in charge. Mutations ~~~

~~~ Quests every day ~~~

~~~ Secrets and new locations (hospital, police station, school, jail, and factory) ~~~

~~~ Bunkers ~~~

~~~ New occurrences~~~

I’m the sole survivor of the apocalypse! This is my hometown. And in Let’s Survive!, I’ll fight for it!

What's new

Added item information window
Added primitive tools
Tutorial fixes
Bug fixes


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