How to install APK / XAPK Files

What is XAPK File? How does it work?

XAPK is yet another file type for Android’s mobile app and middleware installation packages. It resembles the APK format in several ways, but it’s also unique. Briefly put:

  • XAPK files are made up of two separate files: an APK and an OBB data file
  • Base APK file + Split APKs file Equals XAPK file, which stands for The APKs for both the default setup and the split configuration are included in this package.

APK and XAPK are quite similar in terms of functionality, however they have vastly different ways of being installed. If you don’t have a convenient tool, installing the XAPK may be a real pain. We’ve got you covered with APKPure App XAPK Installer.

What is App Bundle? How does it work?

The Android App Bundle is a new Android App bundle that generates multiple APKs for consumers, such as the basic APK, dynamic feature APKs, configuration APKs, and (for devices that don’t allow split APKs) multi-APKs.

This App Bundle will require the use of our ApkYoung app to install the appropriate APKs for each of its components.

What is OBB File? How does it work?

APKs uploaded via the Google Play Console can contain up to two expansions, which must be no more than 100MB in size to be accepted by Google Play. To the APK, obb files can be in any format (ZIP, PDF, MP4, etc.). Up to 2GB of data can be stored in a single file in whatever format you choose. The XAPK file format may be used by developers to provide users with a corrupt-free download of the APK file on Android.

The location of the OBB file and the format of its filename


What is APK File? How does it work?

APK stands for “Android Package,” a file format for mobile programs and middleware that is widely used by the Android operating system.

How to install unknown sources Apps APK file to Android

Your Android smartphone will only let you install apps from the Google Play Store when it is first turned on. You must permit installation from third-party sources in order to install software from a different location. That is, turn on the option for “Unknown Sources” in your browser.

Starting with the Home page go to Settings >> More in the menu bar and choose
Navigate to Security >> Device administration from the menu bar.
Unknown sources should be checked.

How to install APK / XAPK Files

You’ll be able to install apps that aren’t from the Play Store now.
It’s possible that you’ll have to modify this based on your Android device. Some users only need to select Unknown Sources under Settings -> Security. You may run into issues downloading applications on occasion.

Do not forget the Unknown sources must be checked in order to obtain apk files from other sources than the Google Play Store.

Why do we need to download apps from “Unknowns sources”?

There’s nothing you can do if the Play Store hasn’t yet issued an update to your device despite knowing about it. Even if you download an APK from the Play Store to avoid regional limitations, you won’t be able to install it until you allow installation from untrusted sources. ApkYoung App offers apk files that are free of restrictions on region usage. No matter where you are, you may download apps from our website.

Can’t figure out how to install downloaded apk programs on your Android?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach ApkYoung here.

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