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Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes is a turn-based strategy game that will put you right in the middle of war between Humans, Orcs, Goblins, Elves, Dwarves and the undead.
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September 27, 2021
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Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes is a turn-based strategy game that will put you right in the middle of war between Humans, Orcs, Goblins, Elves, Dwarves and the undead.
Build a mighty army and lead your troops into victory using the unique skills of your heroes and units. Make use of terrain covers and buildings to boost your statistics and outwit your enemies in single-player, skirmish and multiplayer PvP modes.

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes Apk Mod 5.1.2 [Full UNLOCK]

Participate in four thrilling campaigns, control heroes with distinct fighting powers, protect your people, and face off against formidable foes. Command infantry, cavalry, mages, formidable siege machines, Elven archers, Dwarven riflemen, and a plethora of other forces.
In the Human campaign, you play as Percival Kent, a seasoned paladin dispatched by the Emperor to investigate allegations of Goblin activity in a Human hamlet. The kingdom is on the verge of war… Who wants it to happen? What type of coalition will you have to form in order to fight the impending invasion of the green-skinned foes?

Fantasy Heroes

Arcaena, the Elven archer’s captain, is introduced in the Elven campaign. You’ll battle a strong goblin wizard and his friends while trying to find Sylvius, a knowledgeable druid who can control the powers of nature.
In the Orcs and Goblins campaign, you may even command a powerful dragon and his cunning goblin companion Vulpis, who can fool his opponents and deliver lethal blows. You’ll encounter a third playable hero – a strong Orc warrior – while trying to uncover the cause of the abnormal floods that drove your tribe to relocate.
The last chapter transports you to the Dwarven kingdom, where you must battle new foes that you have never faced before. With three new playable heroes and their distinct powers, you’ll be thrust into epic fights to prevent evil forces from spreading throughout the globe.
To achieve a tactical edge, you must use magic, which extends well beyond the deployment of specialist mage forces. Your heroes have been taught to utilize scrolls, which have the ability to shift the tide of combat in the blink of an eye. Summon the undead or strong golems, then plunge your opponents under a rain of fire or a poisonous cloud to arouse their anger.
You have a castle at your disposal in each campaign. You may modify it to suit your favorite combat style. Upgrade your heroes and favored units, as well as your teleports, to get an advantage on the battlefield.
In addition to the single-player mode, you can put your abilities to the test in the difficult PvP multiplayer game, which includes conventional Battle or Capture the Flag modes as well as a thrilling Royale Mode.

● A turn-based strategy game with simple and clear rules and a tactical depth, thanks to which you can adjust the gameplay style to your individual preferences.
● Complete four captivating single-player campaigns with unique heroes, units, and enemies.
● Use the special skills of your heroes and units to gain an edge on the battlefield.
● Expand your castle, upgrade your army and recruit specialized units.
● Each of the available races have well-balanced units and features, ensuring a unique strategy and making the battles more exciting and varied.
● PvP multiplayer with three modes – Battle, Capture the Flag and Royale.
● A single-player skirmish mode featuring the heroes of each campaign.

What's new

Version 5.1 changelog:
– Fixed multiplayer 'Clan Members' screen.


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