DMCA Copyright Infringement Notification

Every trademark, trademark registered corporate names, and product logos or names that are displayed on the website are the trademarks of the respective owners. APKyounG adheres to laws of the Federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) by responding to notifications of alleged infringement, which comply in accordance with DMCA in addition to other relevant laws. In response, we will restrict or block access to any content that is on website owned or managed by APKyounG which is believed to infringe the rights of another party, and we will in good faith attempt to contact the developer who provided the material to submit a counter-notification and in compliance with the DMCA.

Before serving either a Notice of Infringing Material or Counter-Notification, you may wish to contact a lawyer to better understand your rights and obligations under the DMCA and other applicable laws. The notice requirements listed below are designed to be in compliance with APKyounG’s obligations and rights under DMCA particularly section 512(c) and do not provide legal advice.

Notice of Copyright Infringing

To report a claim of material that is infringed on APKyounG Please send a notice that includes the following information

  • Physical signatures of developers team authorized to take action for the owner rights that is claimed to have been violated. It is required for third party agencies to supply copies of “Physical Authorization Letter” that agency will be able to address all copyrights related issues.
  • Verification of copyrighted works which is claimed to have been violated or, if more than one copyrighted work on one website are covered by one notification, a representative listing of those works on that website.
  • Incorporating URLs into the body of emails is the best method to assist us in finding information quickly.
  • A reasonable amount of information that will allow that service supplier to reach the party complaining like an address, a phone number and, if applicable an electronic address by which the complaining party can be reached.
  • A declaration that the party complaining is of the opinion that the material’s use in the manner that is complained of is not permitted by the owner of the copyright or its agent or by the law.
  • A declaration that the information contained in the notice is correct and, subject to the penalty of perjury, the complainant is legally authorized to take action on behalf of the owner of the exclusive right that’s claimed to have been violated. (Note that in Section 512(f) anyone who is knowingly and materially falsely claiming that a particular activity or item is infringing could be at risk of being held accountable for damages.

Then send the notice of infringement by an email address at: [email protected]

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