Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders v1.0.5 Apk Data

Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders Apk Download - Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders is arcade game for android phone developed by Atypical Games. Air war themed games that have great graphics and detail that will bring you in the heat of battle of World War 2. In this game, you will play as a fighter pilot whose mission is to protect your city or region from attack by the enemy.

Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders Apk Download

In sky gamblers storm raiders, you will feel the atmosphere that looks so real in every battle. The blast, the sound of flying bullets spewed from various war vehicles, making this game very exciting and thrilling. As a fighter pilot, you have to really be able to maximize the ammunition you have, otherwise you will be overwhelmed by the onslaught of a barrage of enemies you face. Let's download sky gamblers storm raiders apk data via link below this post.

Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders features :

  • AMAZING QUALITY Unparalleled visuals, special effects and audio including: specular masks, bump mapping, atmospheric scattering, volumetric clouds with realistic lighting, sun glare, day & night transitions, God rays, high 
  • definition textures, 4x anisotropic filtering, High Dynamic Range (HDR) rendering, radial blur, heat haze, refractive raindrops and more!
  • IMMERSIVE GAMEPLAY Take off and land on landing strips and carriers. You will fly in fully recreated cities with realistic weather, accurate atmospheric scattering with aerial perspective and highly detailed planes with interactive cockpits.
  • HUGE HISTORIC FLEET Fly highly detailed WWII top aces planes. Watch the progressive damage affecting planes and finally being shredded into pieces.
  • HUGE COLLECTION OF ONLINE MODES Invite your friends to play online! Choose between cooperative and competitive modes: Survival, Last Man Standing, Free Flight, Free for All, Team Match, Capture the Flag and the new Assault.

What's new in this version :
  • fixed expansion file download issues.

How to install :
  1. Install apk on your devices
  2. Extract obb data using root explorer or rar for android
  3. Move obb data folder to SDcard/Android/Obb
  4. Play

Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders Apk Download

Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders Apk Download

Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders Apk Download Link

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