Car Launcher Pro v1.3.8 Apk for Android

Car Launcher Pro Apk Download - Car Launcher Pro is apps specifically created for use in the car. This is not same as usual launcher apps that only can enhance the display of your phone. But you can use this app to track the speed of the car and many more.

Car Launcher Pro Apk Download

Car Launcher Pro almost similiar with apps Torque. It has same features such as tracking speed (Speedometer), oil, car fuel and many more. But this apps very suitable for use (user friendly). Because you can still access applications such as time, gmail, google maps, contacts and more.

Car Launcher Pro features :

  • Option to set as the main theme with the opening through the HOME button(useful for receiver)
  • Quick launch applications.
  • Ability to edit the selected application.
  • Display the current speed or distance traveled.
  • Display speed in status bar
  • Quick access to the list of all applications
  • Slide menu, press the triangle button to open the slide menu or pull the edge of the screen.
  • Details slide menu, displays your current speed, distance traveled, average speed, total time, the maximum speed, the acceleration from 0km/h to 60km/h, 0km/h to 100km/h, 0km/h to 150 km/h, best time and speed at the 1/4 mile race. 
  • To each of the listed parameters can be set for what time to display: for the trip, for today, this week, this month or all time.
  • Ability to toggle speed display in miles or kilometers
  • Quick launch Google Now
  • Automatic start when you turn on the device(needed only receiver)
  • 3 home screen theme of your choice.
  • You can adjust the slide menu as it will be convenient for you.
  • Long hold to turn on edit mode, a second long tap allows peremeshati card

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What's new in this version :
  • Improved reading tracks.
  • Fixed the circumcision of the icons in the dialog player.
  • Fixed display of icons on the screen of 1024x600.

Car Launcher Pro Apk Download

Car Launcher Pro Apk Download

Car Launcher Pro Apk Download Link

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