Very Bad Company Apk v1.5 Full Pro

Download Very Bad Company Apk Pro - If you ever become an employee, but was betrayed by your company, this game could be a proper container aspirations. Very Bad Company is a game that invites players to tap the screen until stiff. Tap continues until the player gets enough money to recruit criminals.

download very bad company apk

These criminals would then plunder your old office, that money can later upgrade to buy better equipment, such as computer hardware used you have the ability as a hacker. This premium game that can be buy directly on playstore. But if you want to try it for free, let's download very bad company apk via link below this post.

Very Bad Company features :
  • Tap to hack! 
  • Every time you tap, you take out golds from the bank.
  • The hired gangsters constantly bring out golds from the bank. 
  • Upgrade the hacking tools to earn more golds. 
  • 28 different gangsters. 
  • Provide various achievements and ranking system to compete against online friends.

What's New v1.5 :
  • Add Raid CIT mode
  • Fixed loading error
  • (After updating, It may take about ten seconds for a device that has the load problem at the first open.)
  • Add New Mission System
  • Increase Buff Chance
  • Improved performance
  • Fixed Google Play Games issue
  • Fixed a BACK button bug

How to install :
  1. Download apk via link below
  2. Go to setting > security > check uknown sources
  3. Install .apk on your devices
  4. Play game and enjoy

download very bad company apk

download very bad company apk

Download Very Bad Company Apk v1.5 Full Pro

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