Antutu Benchmark Apk v6.0 Latest Update

Download Antutu Benchmark Apk - Antutu Benchmark is a free tool useful to test the performance of the smartphone and Android tablet. With this application, we can test and see how good whether the performance of the phone or android tablet that we have. Antutu benchmark application testing using this includes, CPU, User Experience, RAM, Database I/O, Graphics and others.

download antutu benchmark apk latest version

Antutu Benchmark also very useful for checking the performance of a device. So, I recommend to you all to try this application, so that we come to know how powerful the performance of your android phone now. Here you can download antutu benchmark apk latest version via link below this post.

Antutu Benchmark features :
  • User Experience (UX) - Notifies users immediate impression of the performance of the device through the detail numbers.
  • Processor Tests - Give each user know how good the processor that they have through detail the actual numbers.
  • RAM Test - Describes the actual process capability of RAM that Android has to offer.
  • Graphic Tests - Helps users to determine the actual graphics Performance, deep for all 3D effects, games and video playback.
  • I/O Test - Provide users with live scores illustrates the fact that the performance of input / output (I / O) that is allowed by the system.

What's New in v6.0 :
  • Add sensor model information.
  • Add more screen test items.
  • Add 64-bit test for 64-bit Android.
  • Support translucent navigation and status bars (Android 4.4 and above).
  • Support identified the NVIDIA Denver.
  • Fixed 2D test crash on ZenFone devices.
  • Update Russian, Korean, Turkish translate.

download antutu benchmark apk latest version

download antutu benchmark apk latest version

Download Antutu Benchmark Apk v6.0 Latest Update

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