ANDY Voice Assistant PRO Apk v12.9x Updated

Download ANDY Voice Assistant PRO Apk - Andy Voice Assistant is an application-based personal assistant Siri voice recognition technology developed by ETX Software, capable of bridging the communication control human voice with mobile traps such as smartphones or tablets.

ANDY Voice Assistant PRO Apk Free Download

Andy Voice Assistant Pro can be run with the old Android platform 2.2 or later. This application also supports connection devices with Bluetooth headphones (A2DP) and audio output speaker module. As for the other features contained in application andy voice assistant pro apk, such as: answering a variety of questions freely as information about famous people, about movies, music, local weather.

Also search for information based on keywords via the Internet, calendar, cruising the search direction and the coordinates of the location, currency conversion, search for addresses and more. For questions in a keyword that is forbidden then Andy would answer the application in general or default.

ANDY Voice Assistant Pro features :

  • Ask any question
  • Call anyone in your address book
  • Send email messages by voice
  • Text message by voice & read your latest messages
  • Get celebrity and famous people info
  • Movie and Music questions
  • Open installed Android Applications
  • Control Android features and functions
  • Browse Internet using voice
  • Use calendar
  • Get coordinates and location details (down to an address)
  • Currency conversions and live exchange and stock rates
  • Word definitions
  • Covers device hardware details
  • Get directions to a nearest place (restaurants, stores, etc)
  • Supports distance measurements (from one place to another)
  • Query live flight status
  • Ask about coming holidays
  • Provides interesting facts (science, medical, etc.)
  • Support for live gold, silver, platinum and palladium spot price
  • Ask any math related question
  • Translate any English word or sentence to over 60 languages
  • Play music on your device, etc.

What's New v12.9x :
  • Fixed: display of photos
  • Fixed: Game Scores, Conversation Mode, Language Translations, Math functions, Detailed knowledge quotes, Wiki Answers, etc.

Download ANDY Voice Assistant PRO Apk

Download ANDY Voice Assistant PRO Apk

ANDY Voice Assistant PRO Apk Free Download

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