WhatsApp Introduces New Features for Android Users

APKyoung, Tech News - WhatsApp again presents a new feature for Android users. Through WhatsApp latest version, 2.12.367, a chat application that brings new features, such as a more complete preview links, starred messages, as well as direct special share Android Marshmallow.

The first feature is present in this update is a more complete preview link. Through this feature, links that are shared will appear complete with preview images and link titles. So, the message recipient can know at a glance the content of the links before opening it.

WhatsApp New Features for Android Users

In addition, a new feature that comes through this update is starred messages. This feature helps users to mark messages as well as media files that are considered important. Users simply hold the message or media to be marked, and select the asterisk that appears at the top of the message. Later all messages marked to be stored and compiled in an additional menu which can be accessed from the front page.

The last feature in this update is the Direct Share. Unlike the two previous features, this feature is only intended for Android users Marshmallow.

WhatsApp New Features for Android Users

Quoted from the Android Police, Thursday (11/26/2015), this feature allows Android users Marshmallow instantly share any links directly to the contact in question. This feature is called faster than the previous share feature. Thus, users do not need to open the application first and then choose a contact to be sent.

This update can be enjoyed by all users WhatsApp on Android. If you can not feel these new features, then you simply do WhatsApp updates directly from the Google Play Store.

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