Secret Video Recorder PRO v2.2 Apk

Download Secret Video Recorder Pro Apk - Secret Video Recorder is a kind of spy applications with just a few touches, then you can record a video without the knowledge of other users and not only that function but still has other features such as making and receiving phone calls during recording.

Download Secret Video Recorder Pro Apk

Secret Video Recorder Pro can make us become a secret spy because these applications when recording without notification icon so that there is no indication screen video recording and many other features. For the matter of the application interface is very easy to use.

Secret Video Recorder Pro features :
  • One touch operation for recording start and stop
  • Full HD video (1920x1080) recording
  • Custom Icons for application launcher that is truly wise
  • Turn on the flash light during recording
  • Disable Notification icons so that there are no indications that the video recording screen
  • Auto split video file so that you can record up all the available space on the SD card
  • Select internal or external SD card to store video. Kitkat compatible
  • Supports front and rear cameras
  • The option to record a video without audio. It is for the user to use the application as a Dash Cam for their cars. This allows the use of voice-enabled applications while recording video
  • Password protected for the full security
  • Very few permits required so privacy is assured
  • Advanced shutter the mute option
  • Compatible with Tasker to configure triggers to automatically start and stop video recording
  • DropBox and Google Drive sync compatible with the use of third-party applications for free

Additional features :
  • In a supported device, start recording by pressing the search button long
  • Talk on the phone while video recording continues in the background
  • Turn off the screen off and continue recording (on supported devices only). Save battery life and allows long recording

Very Usefull for :
  • Professional hidden camera
  • CCTV and video security footage
  • Surveillance Camera
  • Car Dash Cam, Dash Camera
  • HD video recorder for Android
  • Background video recorder
  • Secret spy camera
  • Spy video recorder
  • Mobile Hidden Camera for Android
  • Continuous video recording
  • Screen off the video recording

Download Secret Video Recorder Pro Apk

Download Secret Video Recorder Pro Apk

Download Secret Video Recorder PRO v2.2 Apk

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