NEW Trick How to Get Free Gems Clash of Clans

NEW Trick How to Get Free Gems Clash of Clans - On this occasion COC Indonesia will share a powerful trick on How to Get Free Gems Clash of Clans Legal, and of course, the trick is very easy to do and also legal because it is not a hack or cheat.

Unlike the previous way, the trick this time we need is an Android device and a free application called whaff Rewards, maybe from you there that already know about this application, this application is an application of dollars the best that has been proven true (not fraud ).

However it turns out, many who do not know that the dollars of this whaff we can use to buy Gems, Diamond on GetRich, etc. Gems that you can later use to buy a new builder or to exchange into Gold, Dark Elixir and Elixir.

How to Get Free Gems Clash of Clans

This method is divided into three phases: collection of dollar, dollar withdrawal stage and the stage of the purchase gems. If you already have a balance on your whaff account, you can skip the first stage and directly into the withdrawal phase of dollar.

FIRST STAGE: Installation whaff and Collection Dollar

1. Download and Install "whaff Rewards" on your Android device, the application can search in the Play Store. (This application can not run on emulators like Bluestack or Windroye).

2. After a successful install, run the application and log in using your Facebook account (There will be a request for permission, click OK).

How to Get Free Gems Clash of Clans How to Get Free Gems Clash of Clans

3. After logging in you will get an initial balance of $ 0.20 and will appear a popup Invitation Code or Invitation Code. If you want say thanks to me, use my referal code "clashon". If you dont want, just ignore it.

4. Then how do we collect dollars? you have to do is to install some applications that have been provided and run or play for a few minutes a day and we will get some dollars to add to our balance of between $ 0.20 - $ 0.50. What if we do not play it? you will still get a dollar as long as you do not uninstall applications that you installed earlier in the amount of $ 0.01.

How to Get Free Gems Clash of Clans

5. Do continue to point to 4 earlier until you obtain sufficient balance to buy gems and can be taken (minimum $ 10).

SECOND STAGE: Withdrawal Dollar to Google Play Gift Card

  1. Once your balance reaches or even more than $ 10, you can trade it to Google Play Gift Card (Google Play Gift Cards) or send it to a PayPal account.
  2. Click on whaff menu (the icon bars) and select menu and select the payment or payout Google Play Gift Card (Google Play Gift Cards) as a method of withdrawal.
  3. Select the number of balance you want to change and click the Request (Request) for processing.
  4. Exchange process will take a few hours or all day can be up to 3 days. To see gift code that can be exchanged has been completed we look at the tab Reward History (History Rewards)> Check Gift Code (Code Checks Prize).
  5. On the tab will display the gift code (20 digit code) which will we exchanged to buy gems.

STAGE THREE: Purchase Gems Using Google Play Gift Card

  1. Because Google Play Gift Card is only available for US states, then we need to change our country first.
  2. Login in google account and then click the Settings button (Icon Gear)
  3. Then equate address be as follows (Or you can use a valid address in USA)
  4. Then click the Save button to save the settings.

How to Get Free Gems Clash of Clans

After successfully changing our country into the US, the next to last step is the purchase of gems, rare following steps :
  1. Open Game Clash of Clans and click the Shop
  2. Click on the Treasure and select many gems that will buy agan (1200 Gems for example) adjust to the dollar which has agan.
  3. Do not always click on the Continue button, but click first on the price listed and select Redeem.
  4. Enter code (Google Play Gift Card) that agan can of whaff Rewards in the fields, then click Redeem.
  5. Congratulations !!, you already get free gems from whaff.

That's a powerful trick on How to Get Free Gems Clash of Clans Legal, please try and share this trick to propagate.

Download Whaff for Android :

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