5 Tips Successful Attack in Clan War

5 Tips Success When Attacking at Clan War - Clan War certainly is not foreign to the ears clasher, to win the battle between clan we have to collect as many stars and was obtained when an attack successfully destroy the opponents base. For those of you who have difficulty or confusion when an attack on the Clan War below are some of the key success that can be applied to make the attack went smoothly, and here are some key to successful attacks Clan War.

Tips Success When Attacking at Clan War

1. Plan
Yes! of course the plan is the first key of the required notice, make a plan before attacking, prepare forces, spell also clan castle you adjust the base to be attacked if it uses air strikes (Dragon, Dragon + Balloon or Lavaloon for example) or use attack land (GoWiPe, GoWiWi or GoHoWi for example) or perhaps a combination of both (ground + air).

2. Focus
The second key is the focus, while attacking you should focus on preparing plans that have been there before, ranging from the direction of the attack, the stationing of troops and spells. Do not let you forget that you have prepared a plan because no focus. For example, you choose the wrong spell that should be in use or had wanted to pull out troops but instead spell you choose.

3. Patient
Do not rush when attacking, you have to be patient and calm so that your plan will run smoothly. Set the right timing when it will put a spell, put a wall breaker, put the heroes, etc. In some cases frequent placement piled spell or two spells in one place because of the rush.

4. Optimistic
This is a key that is not less important, you should be confident that you can be successful when attacked, believe in the plan that you create do not let you out of focus because of lack of confidence.

5. Strategic place
Actually this is optional, but I think also influence site selection for the success of the attack, such as you attack in a place that makes you uncomfortable, of course it will make you not focus. So choose a strategic place when attacked, it helps you choose a quiet place just so that you can focus on your plan.

That's 5 Tips Success When Attacking at Clan War, may be useful and help you in a clan war that is currently attacking you plan to run smoothly. If you have more tips please convey in the comments field below.

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