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Download AirDroid apk latest version - Sometimes, Android physically small and features a touch screen feels troublesome when compared with a keyboard and a mouse on a computer. Well, if you want to type or perform a command using a keyboard and mouse, you can use this application.

AirDroid apk can help us monitor and control devices based on Android via the browser. Besides compatible with several popular browsers, he only needs to be installed on Android devices do not need on the computer. Later, the application will display a link that must be address you type in your browser. Condition, computers and Android devices that are connected must be sourced from the same WiFi network.

Once connected, you will be able to directly see the 'innards' of Android devices via the browser you use-from the contents of the SMS, content, contact numbers, up to the application. Or, if you're lazy typing SMS messages, you can type it out through AirDroid, then the message you copy and paste into your Android device via the Clipboard function.

AirDroid apk can also be used to download and upload content. Interestingly, you can also take an APK file after download it from Google Play, where it is a bit difficult if done directly from the computer.

airdroid latest version

Feature AirDroid :

  • SMS: send and receive individual messages or groups.
  • File: file transfer between Android and computers from any network.
  • Notifications mirror: reflecting the notification of the application that allowed mobile phone to the computer.
  • AirMirror (beta): Full control for Android, and use any application, such as WhatsApp, WeChat and Line. (requires root, just in AirDroid Windows & Mac)
  • Contact: View and edit all contacts.
  • Photo: Transfer photos between Android and computers.
  • Music & Video: Play and manage music and video on Android and Android and transfer files between computers.
  • Ring tones: Put music as ringtones and ringtones export.
  • Screenshot: View real-time display of Android devices, capture footage of a static image. (requires root)
  • Applications: Import and export .apk file
  • Camera: Look through the front and rear camera lenses.
  • URL: Push url to Android and open the default web browser.
  • Clipboard: Spread the clipboard content between Android and computers.

You can enjoy all features above on PC. Go download asap via link below.

Download AirDroid Apk Full Latest Version