Unit Converter Plus Apk Pro

unit converter plus apk pro
ApkYoung - Unit Converter Plus apk pro is a useful application to convert units in Android, which is a unit converter plus for android. Unit Converter Plus is an application tool / tools conversion between units is very comprehensive and has a design and user interface that is simple yet elegant, and you can customize as you wish. This application allows you to convert almost all existing units of measurement, such as the unit of pressure, mass, power, temperature, volume, distance, area, energy, money and more.

Unit Converter Plus Apk Pro

Unit Converter Plus Features :
  • Download Time Calculator - estimate how long it takes to download a file of a certain size with a given bandwidth.
  • Currency conversion for 165 countries.
  • The ability to search for units with the name and show all categories of units were found.
  • The ability to create custom units for nearly every category.
  • The new section calculator - with tips and 4 simple function calculator.
  • The ability to search and filter units in the drop-down list.
  • And many others.

Whats New :
  • Added SI Prefix converter

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