GreenPower Premium v9.18.1 Apk Pro

Download GreenPower Premium Apk Latest Version - GreenPower battery saver add your battery life!. Support for Mobile Data on Android 5.1, Only for rooted phones. Unlike other battery saver that require manual actions, GreenPower full-automatic, Once configured, the battery is automatically saved.

download greenpower premium apk latest version

With GreenPower Premium pro apk, thi is done with managing Wi-Fi, Data, Bluetooth and smart with the Screen Brightness, Disabling when you do not memerlukanya, but ensure minimum disturbance, Automatic turned ON when you / application needs (ie. An interesting e-mail). The easiest app cleanest, and fastest in its category.

Advantages of GreenPower Premium :

  • Adding a battery life of up to 100% dependent usage 
  • Managing Wi-Fi, Mobile Data (2G, 3G, 4G bbrp) & Bluetooth automatically 
  • To work on almost all devices and carriers 
  • Supports all versions of Android Froyo dr until Lollipop 

Basic Features GreenPower apk : 

  • The battery indicator in the notification area. 
  • Wi-Fi management "According to the schedule, display conditions, location, power connected, signal level. 
  • Mobile data management: According to the schedule, screen state, power connected ... 
  • Management BLUETOOTH (premium): According to the connected device, range, display conditions, power etc. 
  • Check the data traffic: Can be set so that other apps are not disturbed 
  • White and black list app (premium): To be an active data while using certain apps (such as streaming music) 
  • Simple WIDGET (premium): Quick pause or resume 
  • NIGHT mode (premium) can be configured completely, airplane mode ... 
  • Add-Tasker & Locale (premium) 
  • Compatible with Cerberus 2.0 
  • App size small and fast 
  • The interface is easy and tidy 
  • Easily configured settings 
  • Settings backup / restore 
  • 20 Languages ​​(can be changed during run) 
  • And other features that are being added. 

Special Features GreenPower Premium :

  • Widgets 
  • Night mode 
  • Add-Tasker & Locale 
  • Wi-Fi-based location 
  • White & black list app 
  • Free ads 
  • Calm feeling can support independent developers 
download greenpower premium apk latest version

Download GreenPower Premium v9.18.1 Apk Pro

GreenPower Premium apk can be download for free via link that i provide above. Lets download and enjoy.