Lightning Launcher v12.7b3 Apk Pro Full Version

Lightning Launcher Apk Pro - Lightning Launcher Apk is an application launcher that has many advanced features to enhance your android. Lightning Launcher has a feature very much. As Custom desktop, change the font, change the color, folders and many others.

Download Lightning Launcher Apk Pro

For the latest version of this apps, I've included the Lightning Launcher Pro apk for that can be use for review. Then if you want full services (lifetime support), you should buy this app directly from google play. Before you download these apps, it would be nice if you look at the features of Lightning Launcher below.

Description :
More than a simple launcher, Lightning is a fast, light and extremely customizable tool to build the perfect home screen. To build your home screen. No other launcher can compete with Lightning when it comes to customizability. Have a look at the full list of features and you will be convinced.

And if an extreme customizability were not enough, Lightning is also very light on memory and a blazing fast launcher. It works like a charm on all phones and tablets, from Android 2.2 up to newest Android versions. Under the hood, Lightning is propelled by a powerful and unique engine allowing you to arrange your apps and widgets using the best possible flexibility and style.

Key Features (not an exhaustive list) :
  • Highly customizable desktop: change font, size, color, wallpaper, grid lines, folder options, status/navigation bar colors, layouts, scrolling & zooming options, events, actions, gestures, pretty much everything.
  • Unique limitless desktop: a desktop is a surface growing as needed, in all directions. Move an icon to the right or left and a new page will be automatically created. And it works for pages above and below too! This means as much space as needed for your apps, and also a much more efficient navigation.
  • As many desktops as needed: one for private, work, party, kids, etc. Add, remove and re-arrange desktops at will, each desktop being an independent and unlimited setup.
  • Combined grid and free positioning: use the grid to easily align apps, use free positioning to adjust the size, position and rotation of any item (including widgets).
  • Pinned items: prevent any item from moving when scrolling your pages. This is handy to create docked elements anywhere on the screen, and more.
  • Scripting support: use JavaScript to unleash the full Lightning power. Load user contributed scripts to extend your setup, or create your own. With Lightning Launcher scripts, only sky is the limit!
  • And lots more: enhanced app drawer, panels, Tasker integration, Lock screen, etc. Please visit the developers homepage for detailed feature list, manual and how to’s.

Whats New :
  • Brand new editor user interface, for easier and faster editing!

The features above are not exhaustive features of Lightning Launcher. If i mention all the full feature here, I thought this post would never finished: D. Okay, are you are interested to try it? you can download Lightning Launcher v12.4.1 Apk Pro via link below.

Download Lightning Launcher Apk Pro

Download Lightning Launcher Apk Pro

Download Lightning Launcher Apk Pro v12.7b3 Full Version